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Recent Articles

8 Climate Factors That Affect Solar Panel Performance

Optimum performance is the top priority when solar panels are created. Solar panel designers take into consideration a number of factors that could affect how the technology does its job. And since weather only expresses what today‚Äôs phenomenon is while climate describes the weather pattern in a period of time, climate factors are the ones that affect solar panel performance …(more)

The Risks When Investing In Solar Panels

Major investments always bring with it considerable risk. Purchasing solar panels is no exception. Here are some factors that can affect your ROI …(more)

The Different Kinds of Solar Panel Mounts

With the different types of solar photovoltaic systems, there are also different kinds of mounts that can go with it. You can pick one that can stand alone, or one that can be used in special situations. Here are the different kinds and the factors that you need to consider when picking: size, price, and convenience …(more)

How Do Solar Panels Work?

With the increasing need for a more affordable source of electricity, a lot of people have now focused their attention on running their homes on alternative energy. One source of alternative energy that shows a lot of promise is the energy from the sun which can be harnessed with the use of solar panels …(more)

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